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Opportunities to Volunteer & Support the Program

If you are interested in supporting the program, we are always looking for mentors, connections abroad, student volunteer opportunities and financial donations.


We are always searching for:

  • Student mentors - professionals to help guide students through their Capstone Projects

  • Student volunteer opportunities - local Twin Cities opportunities for students. Previous volunteer experiences include packing food at the NATIFS Indigenous Food Lab and restoring river habitat with the Mississippi Park Connection.

  • Contacts abroad - if you live/work abroad and are willing to help students with their final project, we would love your help!

Please contact the program coordinator:

Lindsey Smaka

Financial Support

You may also support the program financially by donating to the Edina Education Fund

All donations will be used for scholarships to support students in Global Collaboration experiences.

Scholarships to date:

  • Two students attended the Model G20 Summit, February 2021, under full scholarship (Thanks to Rotary Club of Edina for sponsoring).

Volunteer/Support Us: Support Us
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