Frequently Asked Questions

This is designed as a 3-year program. Can I still join if I am a current sophomore or Junior?

Yes! If you are able to map out the rest of your high school career and fit in all of the requirements, you can absolutely complete the program in fewer years.

How big of a commitment is this program?

It depends on where you are in the program! Some years you will only be focusing on coursework, other years you will be taking part in your Global Collaboration experience and the Capstone course. 

  • There are about 2-3 meetings per semester

  • There are also optional fun opportunities!

Can this be completed alongside PSEO?

Yes! Your PSEO classes can count for your requirements and all other requirements can be planned around those classes.

Do I need to complete all requirements listed for my area of concentration?

Yes, please see this document. Everything listed in that area of concentration must be completed (see the green, blue and purple boxes in the three pathways)

When do all of the requirements need to be completed by?

By graduation! Don’t feel the need to complete them all in one year. You can space them out.

What is considered the highest level of a language?

EITHER level 5 or the AP version of that course. It does not have to be the AP or Enriched version. If you are already fluent in another language (maybe you previously lived in another country, speak another language at home or studied elsewhere)

Are there any exchange programs or travel-study opportunities being offered at EHS?

  • Yes! Social Studies and Science are just a few of the subjects that offer travel-study options. In the past, Social studies has travelled to Peru and South Korea. Science has travelled to Ecuador and Fiji. These opportunities are offered both during the school year and the summer.

  • I will communicate any Global Collaboration experience opportunity to you directly!

  • EHS has done an exchange with a South Korean school in the past and may have more opportunities in the future.

Where can I find exchange programs?

The Rotary Club of Edina offers youth exchanges, length ranging from short term to year-long:

How do I get involved with the Rotary?

The Rotary Club of Edina has many opportunities for Youth Involvement. See a list of all their opportunities here:

Do I need to spend a lot of money for the Global Collaboration experience?

No! There will be local and virtual global collaboration experiences offered at little to no cost. For example, students were involved in the Model G20 Virtual Summit in spring 2021.