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Congratulations to our first class of Scholars!

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STEM Pathway
Ibibio (Nigerian Indigenous language)

My name is Esther Effiong. I'm a senior. I moved into the United states few years ago. I intend to attend college after high school. In school I'm involved in clubs like Debate, speech, Model Un, Mosaic, Interact Board.

Capstone Project: Reproductive Healthcare-Wellbeing of Women in Guatemala

My research was about how accessible it is for women to gain access to the proper reproductive care they need. And during my research I realized that In it is really difficult for women most especially the poor and the Indigenous women to get reproductive care and this is due to the disparities.



STEM Pathway

Capstone Project: Sustainable Consumption (podcast)

This Podcast addresses the question of how communities are moving towards or already sustainably consuming food and everyday products. Through extensive research, we talk about what globally has been done by looking at France's actions and we also look at what has locally been done in Minneapolis. In addition, we cover sustainable consumption in general and what effect it has on the world. This topic falls under the United Nations 12th Sustainable Goal which is also addressed in the podcast. And I get the honor to interview Megan Leill. In the end, I talk about how one can get more involved if inclined and the possible ways to get started in consuming more consciously.

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STEM & Fine Arts Pathway
Model G20 Summit 2021

Hi! My name is Emma and I am a senior at EHS. I am an ardent environmental protectionist with a love for science and paleontology. In school, I am a member of orchestra, the Project Earth Club, the Interact club, and more. After high school, I plan on majoring in Geology or Biology and I hope to travel abroad.

Capstone Project: Pulling the Axe Out of a 10,000 Year Old Wound

My objective for the duration of this podcast is to go through in depth the current approaches being utilized in Minnesota and Australia to stop deforestation. Locally, I interviewed Christine Ostern, the Minnesota forest heritage program supervisor. Abroad, I made touch with Greg Kerr, an ecologist working with Nature Glenelg Trust, in Australia. I then compared and contrasted the existing solutions being utilized to minimize deforestation in Minnesota and Australia, examined the most successful solutions from both, and proposed new sustainable practices that we may employ globally.



STEM & Fine Arts Pathway
Model G20 Summit 2021

Aashna has a passion for protecting the environment and countries from around the world coming together to do so. She has lived all over the world throughout her life and is so excited to be able to connect service, a global understanding, and STEM together in the RGS Program! She is attending Wake Forest University Fall 2021 and is planning on studying Biology and Environmental Science.

Capstone Project: Food and Our Future

Food and our Future is a podcast that dives into sustainable farming practices and how we can implement them to achieve the United Nations SDG of Zero Hunger. It concentrates on organic farming and indigenous food ways in Minnesota, as well as how these practices connect to South Africa.

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STEM Pathway

Capstone Project: Blue Helmets: A critical and pragmatic study of the United Nations peacekeeping forces (podcast)

The United Nations is globally regarded as a harbinger of justice, peace, and security, but how effective is it at executing this role? Today we take a critical look at the executive arm of the UN, its peacekeeping force. With a focus on Africa, scholar Nick Landon takes an in-depth look at some of the UN’s former and current engagements in the region, pointing out flaws in operation and practice and proposing solutions to resolve them and create a better force for global security. From Rwanda to the DRC, this engaging and thoughtful podcast is sure to give you food for thought.

Paige More.jpeg


Fine Arts Pathway
France 2014, Model UN Conferences

Paige attended Normandale French Immersion, and is fluent in French. She plays violin in the EHS Concert Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra. She has always been passionate about learning about other cultures and cannot wait to continue her travels in college. She is planning on majoring in Statistics with French minor in college.

Capstone Project:  Addressing the Environmental Impact of Cities, Peru & Minneapolis (Podcast)

Tis podcast focuses on SDG #11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities) and focused on this research question: What changes can be made within an urban community that reduces the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities?

IMG_1599 - Sophia Zak.JPG


STEM Pathway
Model UN National Conference

Hi! My name is Sophia and I am a senior. I went to Normandale French Immersion, so I'm a fluent French speaker and love the language. I'm involved in a wide-range of activities, from orchestra (cello), club soccer, Model UN, World Quest Club, and many more. I'm planning on majoring in Math or Chemistry in college with an international relations minor.

Capstone Project: Education Inequalities in Minneapolis and Guatemala Among Minority Populations Article

Education gaps across the world cause unequal access to one of the most important parts of a well-functioning nation and society. Examining Guatemala’s history and indigenous education gap in-depth, we can see that it causes the nation as a whole to be less educated and literate. These issues stem from lack of funding, past governmental actions, language barriers, and more. Similarly, Minnesota and Minneapolis more specifically, has the largest education gap in the United States- but racially. These issues are exacerbated by the state’s education financing policies and racial segregation among schools and communities.

Class of 2021: Staff
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