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STEM Pathway
Model UN

Hi, my name is Abid! Outside of school, I love to travel, try new foods, volunteer, watch movies, and am an avid coffee addict (I'll gladly take coffee shop recommendations). I play tennis for Edina and participate in clubs around school, such as Model UN, AAPI, Lego Club and more. I am extremely excited to help lead the Global Scholars Program! It is an incredible opportunity to strengthen collaboration skills while fostering global connections. Personally, I am most enthusiastic to learn about different cultures by interacting with students and speakers from other parts of the world. I cannot wait to further my own global competency!

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
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STEM Pathway
British Virgin Islands 2021

Hi! I'm Elodie. I love to swim, travel, bake, get creative, and hang with my friends. I've been apart of Edina High School Girls' Swim and Dive and row competitively on the Twin Cities Youth Rowing Club. I'm also an entrepreneur and run a small business called ElodieBirdCo. I'm super excited to be a part of this program, diversify my view as a global citizen, and explore more of the world!

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
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STEM Pathway
Study Abroad in Italy 2019 and Model UN

My name is Emma, I am a student at Edina High School and avid learner excited to grow my global knowledge. I play lacrosse and soccer through edina, as well as participate in multiple school clubs, and take part in the business section within Whigrean/Yearbook. Some of my favorite things to do are travel with my family, go hiking, learn new things about different cultures, and enjoy a good meal :)

For my Capstone Project, I researched both vaccinations required for 18 and under in Minnesota and in Guatemala. In this research I discovered the breadth of shots you need to get in both countries, and I also learned about endemic diseases with the need for vaccines. To compare Guatemala and Minnesota I aligned their vaccination schedules, healthcare systems, and overall accessibility with first hand information from pediatricians of both areas. Dr. Debbie Buchman from Southdale Pediatrics, and Dr. Sofia Posadas from Regional Hospital De Escuintla, Guatemala. Then I compiled donation and action opportunities for both Minnesota and Guatemala for readers to interact with and possibly help boost the word for pediatric vaccination.

Check out my project below!

IMG-3747 - Camille Morton.jpg


STEM Pathway
Interact and Rotary Club / Geneva

Hi, My name is Camille. I love to travel and I love STEM. My favorite classes are the sciences, areo space and engineering and computer science. I have lived in France and Switzerland.

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 8.12.16 PM - Natasha Zettler.png


STEM Pathway

Hi! My name is Natasha Zettler and I love to camp, swim, and be with my friends. I am a part of Edina Student Council as well as Edina Girls Swim and Dive! I am super exited to be a part of this program as I love to travel, and this will give me a broader view of where I am traveling to make me a better global citizen.

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
IMG_3801 (1) - Joely Emerson.JPG


Humanities Pathway
Peru 2019

Outside of school, Joely is very involved in the Edina Hornets community competing in basketball and track. She is passionate about travel and forming global connections. The summer of 2019 she explored Peru with EHS and is looking forward to a similar experience going to Spain in 2022.

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
IMG_0849 - Greta Kerekes.jpg


STEM, Fine Arts, and Humanities Pathways
International Mentor

Hello! My name is Greta Kerekes. I've always had a strong passion for learning, and even more so through a global lens- which is why I love this program! I'm a level 10 competitive gymnast but also love to walk the lakes, revolve plans around coffee, and spend some quality time with my friends and family.

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
IMG_9821 - Emily Leung.jpeg


STEM and Fine Arts Pathways
Cantonese and Mandarin
Volunteering in Hong Kong 2019 and Model UN

Hi! My name is Emily Leung and I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to become a global scholar. With Edina, I am a part of Model UN and Girls United. I am also a member of the band program at school and through Minnesota Junior Winds. Outside of school, I participate in Chinese dance and spend my summers in Hong Kong which has allowed me to learn more about my culture and share it with others. Some of my favorite hobbies are traveling, spending time with my friends, and trying new foods. I am looking forward to becoming a global citizen and learning about different cultures all over the world!

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 9.03.30 PM - Rowan Ungerman.png


Fine Arts Pathway

Hi, my name is Rowan. Outside of school, I love swimming competitively, volunteering, playing the cello in the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony, and traveling. My favorite school subjects are science, french, orchestra, and english, and I enjoy participating in a few clubs around EHS. I am very excited to be a part of the Global Scholars program during my last years at EHS and look forward to learning about other cultures and meeting new people!

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
eZy Watermark_21-10-2022_19-57-02 - Elizabeth Halloran.jpg


Fine Arts Pathway
Spanish, Japanese

Hey! My name is Lizzie and I am super excited to expand my global mindset and learn more about the world! My interest in global studies began at an early age when I would spend summers in Okinawa, Japan, to visit family.
During my free time I love to play piano, spend time with my horse, or have late-night study sessions with friends at Jerry's. I am honored to be able to learn more about our diverse world around us!
For my capstone course I am currently studying the effects of agricultural run-off on aquatic life in Minnesota and Japan.

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
IMG_0332 - Ingrid Koehler.jpg


Fine Arts Pathway
Spanish, Norwegian
Skogfjorden Norwegian Immersion Camp, 2014-2021

My name is Ingrid Koehler and am a senior and a proud global scholar! I love to sing and I am a member in Concert Choir as well as the Cathedral Choir through Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church. I am also involved in Model UN and DECA. I have been going to a Norwegian immersion camp called Skogfjorden since I was nine years old and my goal is to return as a counselor in the future. I love flying and the outdoors and plan to take a gap year in Elverum, Norway after I graduate.

Capstone Project Coming Soon!
Class of 2023: Staff
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